S&M is a garment manufacturing and wholesale-retail firm which is specialized in the production and retail of jeans in Bangladesh. We have our own factory located at Jamgora, Savar Dhaka Bangladesh. More than 70+ workers are working there and we are capable of producing 16000 products per day. We believe in ensuring high quality products for our customers and also for clients. We aspire healthy and quality work environment for our workers so that they can produce best quality products for the ultimate comfort. S&M started its journey back in 2nd May 2005 on a small scale but with big dreams in our eyes. Then we wanted to capture only the local market around Savar and go for wholesale only but as the time passed by now we are  also focusing on retail as well as online sale. At the heart of the matters we want to become the number one denim producing brand in Bangladesh and also establish S&M as a trustworthy brand in the eyes of the customers. Our slogan is COMFORT WITH STYLE because we believe that you look your best when you feel comfortable. We produce best quality denim for your everyday lifestyle because quality never goes out of style. The products we produce they are stylish and comfortable. S&M never compromises with its quality. The products are made from highest quality fabrics. The main goal of S&M is to create a global brand which meet the demand of global needs.

The main goal of S&M is to become the number one in terms of producing denim in bangladesh and become a trusted brand in the eyes of the people of Bangladesh.

To achieve this goal there are few objectives we have set for ourselves:

  • Provide top quality denim products to the Bangladesh market for men, (women and children ) for ensuring ultimate comfort.
  • Design and manufacture our own denim products according to the target market preference.
  • Expand presence in the local Bangladeshi market.
  • Create a strong online presence in social media.
  • Build a strong supply chain network of denim products in all over Bangladesh
  • A outlet of S&M on every major city
  • Continuous exposure of brand with celebrities to build trust in the minds of the customers.   

Mission: Our mission is what we promise to our customers and what we committed to our employees.  

‘ We provide excellent quality denims with healthier working environment for our employees to ensure ultimate comfort for the customers ’  

Vision: Our vision is somewhat aligned with our goal which is becoming the number one producers of retail and wholesale denim of Bangladesh with a strong online presence in social media.

‘ Becoming the number one denim producers for the Bangladeshi people because they deserve the best ’

Slogan: The slogan or the tag line for S&M is


‘ Comfort With Style ’