Why Become a Brand Ambassador for S&M

You’ve seen those posts on Facebook. It’s some person in your course, or from your sports group welcomed you to like a enormous company’s Facebook page, or enter a competition, or to read an article and the list goes on and on. The individual posting all these things is most likely a University Brand Ambassador, enlisted by a huge company to extend their profile to the mass population. Here’s why you should consider joining S&M as a brand ambassador.


  • Flexible work schedule:


As a Brand Ambassador for S&M, you’ll be able work on a flexible schedule. You will have targets but you’ll meet those target when your university workload is lighter, or when those responsibilities fall in line together with your social calendar.

Working is Fun:

It’s not the regular shift-based boring work , so in that sense it can as of now feel like less difficult work.


Your CV looks great:

The well-known brands will without a doubt continuously stand out on your CV. These things will demonstrate that you are able handle a lot of things at once.

It can lead to further opportunities within our company:

Your application will be fast-tracked, or be more likely to be considered if you do a great job while being an ambassador.

It can come with loads of perks:

Fun preparing days, celebratory occasions and organizing openings are all a portion of the bundle. And of course, the pay is frequently exceptionally generous!


So if you’re looking for a bit of extra pocket money and want to boost your CV without feeling like you’re doing too much hard work, you should consider applying for a Student Brand Ambassador role for S&M.


Your Tasks

  1. Find out the students who deals with denim related products.
  2. Create video testimonial for our products.
  3. Coupon distribution.
  4. Assistance at recruitment events (including on-campus and online information sessions and Dhaka-based fairs).
  5. Individually contacting prospective students via email and/or social media.
  6. Contribution to our social media activities.
  7. Become a student blogger for our website.
  8. Contribution to promotional materials (such as programme brochures, website profiles, videos or media articles) by attending photo shoots, film shoots or providing written content such as quotes and completed questionnaires.
  9. Participation in focus groups and market research.
  10. Spread word of mouth and grow the radical community in your campus.
  11. Promote S&M as a brand on campus events.
  12. Create one-of-a-kind experiences to generate buzz, boost brand awareness and build student loyalty.
  13. Post posters on Campus Billboards.


  1. Current student at the university with a good reputation on campus.
  2. Charismatic and outgoing personality with the ability to work with different group of organizations.
  3. Comprehensive understanding of the university, including behind-the-scenes activities and hot spots on & around campus
  4. Well-connected with a variety of influential groups and individuals on campus
  5. Responsible and self-motivated, with good time management on balancing academic and work.
  6. Possession of a creative mind with an entrepreneurial spirit and a ‘can do’ attitude.
  7. Dedicated and passionate with S&M brand.
  8. Available to flexibly work part-time, including evenings and weekend.

If you meet the requirements please feel free to contact us. For contact click here